Family Law Attorney

Choosing a Family Law Attorney

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In a divorce or custody battle situation, emotions are heightened and it is often a rather stressful time. However, your custody situation or divorce is as unique as your family’s dynamics. It is crucial that you find the best attorney for your particular situation and case. A great lawyer should not only be empathetic to your situation, but help you …

How do you choose the best Criminal Defense Attorney?

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There are nearly 1.5 million attorneys practicing law in the USA alone. It may be a perplexing endeavor in choosing the best. Being there are so many, you may think they all cannot be lawyers that produce measurable results. Especially with something of such importance as Criminal Law. So how do you choose the best Criminal Defense Attorney 1. A …

WDTN News Report – EPA Investigation

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Tony Cicero was quoted on WDTN News in reference to our representation of a client in dealing with their insurance agency. “We’re disappointed that his insurance didn’t pay for the cleanup and we will continue to pursue that remedy so taxpayers don’t have to foot the bill on this” said Cicero. “We want to continue to monitor the situation and …