How do you choose the best Criminal Defense Attorney?

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There are nearly 1.5 million attorneys practicing law in the USA alone. It may be a perplexing endeavor in choosing the best. Being there are so many, you may think they all cannot be lawyers that produce measurable results. Especially with something of such importance as Criminal Law. So how do you choose the best Criminal Defense Attorney

1. A Lawyer with the Right Experience. Find an Attorney with the right level of experience and expertise.

Not all attorneys are created equally, conversely not all attorneys specialize in the set of legal area(s) that you need. Some specialize in a certain set of law, with only a high level or results within that segment.For example your case may be about a more violent level of a crime. Well, then you may not want to seek out an attorney who has a primary focus on DUI only. Review the attorney’s social media, or website and see what areas they focus. Review their reviews and testimonials from previous clients if that information is publicly available.

2. You want the best one for YOU.

Granted experience is great. Credentials are necessary. However, you want the best Criminal Attorney for you. Meaning you want an attorney who is going to meet or exceed your needs. You may want an attorney that speaks your language in an understandable manner. Not legal jargon. Remember this is your specific needs and your life. Seek an attorney that you can say is truly a trusted advisor that you feel comfortable speaking with and sharing all the truth of the matters.

3. Does the attorney have references and public testimonials?

Do not make the mistake of not researching the attorney and his or her team’s reputation, reviews and ratings. Go ahead and ask for references and if possible ask to talk to their previous clients. Take it even a step further, find a lawyer in a different field. Maybe you have had to utilize an attorney for Estate Planning that does not specialize in Criminal Law, ask them for a reference and why they would refer a particular attorney.

4. Ego is not a bad thing, and Confidence may go a long way however caution a Guarantee

In Family Law you typically want a pit bill in the court house, but an empathetic attorney that listens well to you. Conversely you also want a confident attorney that will build a credible and the most strong case as humanly possible. Confidence and stature is quite helpful and fine trait of an attorney. However, be wary of an attorney that actual guarantees a specific result. Remember, it is called a practice or practicing law for a reason. The law is not certain, even the finest of attorneys cannot specifically predict or forecast what may happen. The good thing is that if is does not go your way, you may hire a different attorney for appeals.

5. Do they have a winning team?

No case is a one person show. You will find that even the top attorneys in the country have a remarkable team behind them. Again, check our their website and social media. See who the other attorneys are in the office. If they have a paralegals and a fine administrative team. What happens if your attorney is caught up in another case, or is out on vacation or becomes ill? It is okay to ask to meet and interview the other attorneys and team members within a firm. It is acceptable to ask about their skills, experience, credentials and public testimonials as well. Remember this is your need and life. Most importantly take your time, and choose wisely. This is your need, and your life. Selecting the best attorney, whether it is Criminal Defense, Family Law, Personal Injury or other, it is very important to invest time and energy in doing the homework, doing the research, and selecting an attorney that is right for you.


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